Anupgarh is a town and administrative headquarters of the Anupgarh district in the state of Rajasthan in India. It is district headquarters of the Anupgarh district. On 17 March 2023, Anupgarh is declared district by Chief Minister of Rajasthan, with about 6 or 7 tehsils. It takes about 42% of Sri Ganganagar district.


Anupgarh has an average elevation of 155 metres (508 feet), and is very close to the border with Pakistan. The fort at Anupgarh was built about 1689 by the Mughal governor to help suppress the local Bhati Rajputs who were rebelling.

In the 2001 India census, the town of Anupgarh had a population of 29,548. Males constituted 54% of the population and females 46%. Anupgarh had an average literacy rate of 61.2%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with 67.3% of the males and 54.0% of females literate. In 2001 in Anupgarh, 15.6% of the population was under six years of age.

Anupgarh district

Anupgarh district is a new north-west district of Rajasthan state in India. Anupgarh city is district headquarter. It is carved out of Ganganagar district.Anupgarh, consists Raisinghjnagar, Anupgarh, Sri Vijaynagar, Gharsana Rawla, Chhatargarh. It was established on 7th August 2023.

Sub tehsils in Anupgarh District:

  1. Sameja
  2. Muklawa
  3. Jaitsar
  4. Ramsinghpur
  5. 365 Head.

Panchayat Samitis in Anupgarh District:

  1. Anupgarh - 32 Gram Panchayats
  2. Raisinghnagar - 47 Gram Panchayats
  3. Vijaynagar - 29 Gram Panchayats
  4. Gharsana - 36 Gram Panchayats
  5. Khajuwala - 45 Gram Panchayats
Total population, total families and Population density of tehsils according to 2011 census.
Tehsil Population Total families Population Density people/km²
Raisinghnagar 196,455. 37,854 148/km²
Anupgarh 1,84,423 36,488 159/km²
Gharsana (including Rawla Mandi) 1,71,830 34,350 124/km²
Sri Vijaynagar 1,45,770 28,721 172/km²
Chhatargarh 82,488 13,826 38/km²
Khajuwala 88,730 16,080 44/km²
Total/Average of Anupgarh District 8,69,696 1,67,319 144.16/km²



What is Anupgarh famous for?


It is famous for its magnificent palaces, forts, and vibrant markets.

Which cities are under Anupgarh district?

Anupgarh district is a new north-west district of Rajasthan state in India. Anupgarh city is district headquarter. It is carved out of Ganganagar district. Anupgarh, consists Raisinghjnagar, Anupgarh, Sri Vijaynagar, Gharsana Rawla, Chhatargarh.

Which district is Anupgarh in Tehsil?


Anupgarh Tehsil is the one of Seven tehsils of Anupgarh district in Rajasthan, India. The tehsil headquarters are located at the town of Anupgarh.

What is the history of Anupgarh district?

The ancient Anupgrh name was Chugher. Chugher (Anupgarh) and its surrounding area was occupied by Bhation. The area occupied by the removal of Bhation Bikaner Maharaja of the princely state under the leadership of chef Bikaji Anoop Singh Sun in 1678 built a fortress whose name was Anupgarh.

What is the population of Anupgarh city?

Current estimated population of Anupgarh Municipality in 2023 is approximately 42,000.

What is the population of Anupgarh in 2023?

Anupgarh is Tehsil in Rajasthan state, Anupgarh Tehsil population in 2023 is 243,438. According to 2011 census of India, Total Anupgarh population is 184,423 people are living in this Tehsil, of which 97,064 are male and 87,359 are female. Anupgarh population estimated to be 236,061 in 2022.

Is Anupgarh a new district?

The reorganization of the districts Shri Ganganagar and Bikaner has led to the creation of a new district called Anupgarh, with its headquarters in Anupgarh.


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